All clips in the pony play archive 06/2019

159170 - Lady Scarlet - Let's ride together

This lucky pony today has two ruthless amazons who want to play with him, Victoria and I really want to see if he will be able to bear our weight. Victoria immediately shows me the fruits of his training and rides him around the room while I enjoy hitting him with the whip. Now it's my turn to get on his back but I'm not satisfied with a walk, I want a good sustained gallop and the horse begins to show the first signs of fatigue. As if that weren't enough, now we both climb on him at the same time and after a lap he is already exhausted on the ground. A moment of rest to kiss our boots and then he recovers between our insults and whiplashes that slide on his disgusting skin by now completely sweaty. He is so sweaty and slippery that we have difficulty riding him and so we crush him by jumping on his back from a standstill: he has rested a little and then we bring him to exhaustion by making him jump over obstacles and continuing the laps without stopping.