All clips in the pony play archive 01/2024

182384 - Mistress Anfisa and Lady Nora - Extreme Pony Strain

This slave pony will suffer like none has ever suffered before! Mistress Anfisa and I start by giving the pony an extraordinary warm-up by standing on his back while he has to do some extremely difficult push-ups. Then I tie his own belt around his neck and use it as reins. Mistress Anfisa and I now ride him together. The slave pony withstands our weight because it wants to prove itself and carries us around, moaning and snorting, trembling from the effort. I also give him a few kicks to the balls with my spurs to make him walk faster. This is by far the most extreme strain ever experienced by a pony slave!


181776 - Endurance training for the shopping pony!

Endurance training is now on the agenda for the slave pony! Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane are planning a shopping trip to soon and their slave pony will be carrying them around! The pony still has a lot of practicing to do and needs to get much fitter. The friends take turns riding him and building-up his stamina while they continue to work on their shopping day plans and tell the slave what's in store for him!