All clips in the pony play archive 05/2020

185783 - Two riders and frisky horses

Two beautiful riders call their faithful horses to their side with the sound of "clatter". The girls are going to have a fun ride on frisky stallions. The goddesses harness the horses and sit on their backs imperiously. Next, real horse racing begins with the participation of two riders and very diligent horses who are trying to impress their hostesses with fast races and a determined attitude to win in the upcoming races. Zhanna and Anastasia proudly ride the stallions, periodically urging them on with lashes, and also teach the ponies to perform different commands. At the same time, the Goddesses do not forget to use the “clatter” sound, which is designed specifically for the horse, and the stallions, in turn, answer them with a growl and neigh. At the end of the "warm-up" the girls make jumps for distillation, after which they rest on the sofa, encouraging the ponies that they can lie at the feet of the Goddesses during rest after the race.