All clips in the pony play archive 10/2023

179043 - Intensive training for the pony!

This is what pressure to succeed looks like. The slave must do push-ups in front of his mistresses and these are counted-out loudly until he can no longer lift himself. Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane find this the perfect warm-up exercise for their human pony. The muscles in the slave's arms must surely be burning, but there's no respite now he is being ridden. Mistress Jane sits on his back and drives him around and around and around...


200272 - Pony training with Lady Luciana - small version

Will the slave pony be able to put today's lessons to good use? We'll soon find out! Lady Luciana takes a seat on the back of her pony with her jeans ass and sends it forward. She rides and challenges her slave pony. He walks sideways and backwards and tries to maintain good balance. Lady Luciana wants to be carried around smoothly after all... But it will still take a while until the slave has it totally correct!