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179849 - Training session for my slave pony! (ft. Lady Nora)

My pony has been looking forward to our riding lesson because I am such an exemplary trainer. I take such good care of him. Enough exercise and a balanced diet that gives him the energy to be a good slave pony. It was really worth getting my slave pony out of the stable because today he will run until there's no more denim on his knees ...


176201 - Cardio for the slave pony

Mistress Zora wants to help her slave pony get a better figure and makes him run for her. Cardio melts fat and Mistress Zora uses that to get her slave in shape with endurance sports. First he runs around her on all fours. Then it's time to up the difficulty level! Mistress Zora takes a seat on his back, adding a suitable training weight for the slave pony. Now he has to keep walking and be careful not to lose her. The slave must concentrate and make his body work hard!


174744 - Lesson for the slave pony

Whether or not the slave has learnt anything will now be revealed. Lady Luciana wants to ride the slave again, but this time without his recalcitrance! Her slave pony was already properly broken in the last time and must now perform. She sits down on his back and drives him forward! The slave starts to move and carries his mistress around. Lady Luciana strictly evaluates his movement and shows him where he still has to improve!