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CUSTOM REQUEST - You enter the room and your very own pony is waiting for you. All decked out for the occasion with a bit in the mouth and saddled. Armed with a riding crop and gloves, you sit astride the pony and calmly slip on the latter. Then you slip your feet into the stirrups and start training him by mounting him around the room. Every now and then you stop and make him rock up and down like a rocking pony (obviously with you always in the saddle) and standing still with the whip you tap him on the shoulder and he has to lift that paw, then the same with the other. Until exhausted you decide to dismount (about 10 minutes if the pony can make it). But your desire to ride is not satisfied at all and so you decide to put him on the stand (position that you have often used in the videos including my old custom) belly down and still saddled and harnessed. You go up and ride him like this with your feet well inserted in the stirrups, tugging him well with the bridle for several minutes, telling him that just like this he can satisfy his Mistress.Your outfit is obviously essential. I'd like you to wear shiny black leggings (the top of the top would be the whole outfit I saw you wearing in your clip Human ashtray in chastity) and if you have a leather hat with a visor.