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169706 - Lady Scarlet - A western movie

Western Environment. You have crossed the desert on foot, you are tired and sweaty. You need a horse. You glimpse a ranch. You enter and meet a cowboy (slave 1). Take your pistol out of its holster and tell him to raise his arms. You approach and search him slowly. You take everything out of his pockets, including his gun. Then, once searched, you order him to take one of his saddled horses. He directs you to the horse already in position (slave 2). You, still with the ****** pointed at slave 1 (cowboy), approach the horse (slave 2) and touch it with an air of disgusted expression due to the stench it gives off. But you need the horse, you're tired. Then having reached the horse, mercilessly kill the cowboy with 2 pistol shots. He falls to the floor on his stomach. You flip it over with your foot and make sure it's dead. You search him snobbish again because the body stinks. After the search, you approach the horse, place the stolen goods in the saddlebags, and get back on the saddle as in Western films. Same method, the slave on the leapfrog. You on the back, legs dangling well, loose. You simulate a slow gallop with an expression disgusted by the stench of the horse. While in the saddle, you take off your boots, and while galloping you order the ponyslave to smell your stinky feet. You always look disgusted, and gallop slowly. Satisfied because you stole the horse. End. 20 mins of video.