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168907 - Equestrian Training Camp - PONYPLAY - RIDING - CANING (FHD)

Two slaves came todayEquestrian training is about to take place. My friend and I ride on slaves respectivelyCommand them to crawl on the groundLet them get familiar with the field first, and then start the game. Those who lose will be punished by hitting the palm with bamboo sticksHa ha ha, one of the slaves was punished for being too slowThe slaves lined up to drill into our crotch, and they were happy to do soThe race continued. My friend and I exchanged mounts and let the two slaves compete to see who could climb fastThought they were only worthy to live in our crotch


107223 - FFM session #4 Whipped and ridden slave

The slave is ridden and controlled with the rope tied to his cock. His head is locked between mistress' legs while his ass is whipped by another mistress. He is used as a horse and the mistress has put a pillow on his back while riding to feel more comfortable.