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168907 - Equestrian Training Camp - PONYPLAY - RIDING - CANING (FHD)

Two slaves came todayEquestrian training is about to take place. My friend and I ride on slaves respectivelyCommand them to crawl on the groundLet them get familiar with the field first, and then start the game. Those who lose will be punished by hitting the palm with bamboo sticksHa ha ha, one of the slaves was punished for being too slowThe slaves lined up to drill into our crotch, and they were happy to do soThe race continued. My friend and I exchanged mounts and let the two slaves compete to see who could climb fastThought they were only worthy to live in our crotch


166221 - Lady Scarlet - Ponyplay with the wife

CUSTOM REQUEST - I would like a video of ponyplay and pissing on woman. The slave must in effect be my wife so if you can address her by calling her that. I want to see You ride her to the limit of her strength. Your 62 kg drive her to exhaustionÂ… At first you weigh yourself on a scale so I can see your weight and then You start riding her with Your feet crossed under her belly. I want to see fatigue. She has to fall to the ground as You insult and humiliate her. If in the break between one ride and another She wants to have Her toes suckedÂ… I'm also fine with 2 rides at 2.50 each. Finally pissing as total defeat and final humiliation. Outfit of Your choice. Duration 8-9 min.